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Tumbling Compost Bin Dual Chamber 360 Rotating Composter 160L

Tumbling Compost Bin Dual Chamber 360 Rotating Composter 160L

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Closed the sliding door and rolling this Outsunny compost bin. Let garden refuse and kitchen scraps fill up with twin-chamber. The manure has produced from one side, you also can add new ingredients to another side. The constant exchange of materials on both sides creates a cycle, and you will get sufficient and organic mixture for your backyard garden. Give your plants the nutrient-dense fertilizer they crave and watch your garden bloom like never before.


  • - Designed with 2 chambers is the most efficient way to produce high-quality compost
  • - 360� tumbling design lets your hands-free, avoiding digging and mixing compost pile by hands
  • - Resurrect leftovers and garden waste, recycle them make full use to maximize their value
  • - Outstanding ventilation system speed up the composting process, easily produce finished compost in weeks
  • - Sturdy structure composed of steel and durable PP plastic will have a long service life
  • - Garden white gloves included protect your hands from cuts, broken nails, and dirty
  • - Assembly required
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